5 Life Lessons I Learnt in 2018

5 Life Lessons I Learnt in 2018

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

This year seems to have completely flown by, and now all my Christmas preparations are in full swing. Can you believe it?! Personally, I feel like I have just had a manic 11 months, with so much going on in terms of my surgery recovery, work and my personal life. I have really grown and changed this year, and cannot believe how many things I seemed to have learned. I have had some real ups and downs, but as with any experience you go through in life, you always come out with a lot of new knowledge and know how to handle things in future situations. Also, by making mistakes, you learn valuable lessons and can be assured that you will never make them again.

Making mistakes and getting through different experiences in life is what helps as grow as people and become who we are meant to be. Everything happens for a reason and every year we move on to the next having gained more and more life lessons from the last.

I am so excited for 2019 now, having had such a whirlwind of a year and thrilled to be able to apply everything I have learnt into really growing over the next 12 months and making it my most productive yet. For the last few years I had my surgery hanging over me (read about it here) so found it very difficult to focus on the future and anything else. This year the surgery was over, however I was still very much in recovery, so for me 2019 really is going to be my year. I want my focus to be on my work and making memories with the ones I love.

To do this, I am going to use all the skills I learnt this year, so I thought I would share them with you guys, as a sort of stepping stone if you have not yet come into contact with some of the downs I had this year. Sometimes I think just reading about other people’s experiences and mistakes can be crucial in ensuring that you don’t make them yourself.

Never let anyone know what you’re thinking…

So this is technically something I have known for years and generally stuck by, but this year is the year that I have really seen the impact of it. Not so much with anything that I have done, but I have seen others be very open about how they feel about a situation and it did not end so well. I definitely believe that we are all totally entitled to our own opinions and we should be able to voice it, however I also believe that sometimes it can be much more powerful if you don’t always share the extent of how you feel with others.

Take a day a week for you…

This is what I have massively learnt from being ill and run down, but whether you have health problems or not, this should be a rule that we all live by. We all live in a world now where everything is always so fast paced and everyone feels as if they never have the time to stop because they are in constant competition with everyone else. Social media has played a massive role in this, for me personally, as I always think to myself when I see people being so productive online that it is wrong for me to rest. Our bodies are now able to keep up with this 24/7 mentality and we all need to take some time every single week to recharge and do things solely for the purpose of enjoyment and to improve our mental wellbeing. For me, this is my Sunday. A day of rest, catching up with things at home and generally watching episodes of Friends with countless cups of tea. Since I have been stricter with myself and making sure I do this, I have started to feel so much better in terms of my health. I also find that my weekdays are then so much more productive.

Nothing happens overnight…

This is probably the biggest lesson I have learnt this year, mainly when it comes to my job. There may be a few things in life that we are able to take control of and get done quickly, however the important things in life take time. I have had a real battle getting my business going, and am still at the very beginning of a long process, however the important thing I have learnt is the value of patience. Sometimes you simply have to accept that things are going to take some time, and ultimately it is always going to be worth the wait. This is something that I am definitely going to have to take with me into 2019.

Never work without a contract…

So, this is the biggest lesson I learnt this year in terms of the workplace, and very much applies if you are employed or self-employed. If you are ever doing anything for money, you should 99.9% of the time always have a contract in place. I made a lot of mistakes this year in terms of work, however also was protected by what is in my contract, so all in all I have landed up being okay. With the things that I have experienced, it has been a huge wakeup call into appreciating how important a contract is. Always have one, and you will always be protected.

Don’t be afraid to be you…

In general I am a very confident person, but to be honest, heading into 2018 I wasn’t feeling my best. I had lost so much confidence at the end of last year and really needed to take some time to build it back up again. For me, the gym and my PT was a massive contributor in this, as well as the simplicity of time. Gradually getting back to work, enjoying socialising with friends and really throwing myself into this blog, I found my confidence again. If anything, I found it again and so much more. I have never felt as confident in my life as I do now, and am really enjoying being myself and only ever trying to please me. I have really learnt that it is okay to be ourselves, wear what we want, buy what we want, accessorise our home the way we want and do anything else that makes us happy. Never be afraid to be who you really are.

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What I Wish I’d Learn in School

What I Wish I’d Learn in School

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

So, what do I wish I had learnt in school? This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, mainly because the phrase ‘arg why don’t they teach you this in school’ seems to have been used a lot for me, particularly since living in my flat and starting up my business. I know that this is going to be very based on my personal experience and what I learnt during my education, however here in the UK, I do feel like it will apply to the majority of us. Obviously, I completely understand that it is very difficult to design a curriculum that is appropriate for everyone, but to be honest, the struggles I have come into contact with are definitely some things that will apply to all at some stage in life.

I believe entirely that it is important to have a good range of subjects taught in schools, particularly academic subjects such as English, Maths and Science. However, I do strongly believe that we lack subjects that can be used for real life application. I mean, who the hell has used trigonometry since completing their Maths GCSE?


I personally feel like I received a good education in my main stream school, and do believe that my final grades were a reflection of that. Nevertheless, I would love to have learnt more lessons regarding situations that I was going to face in the future and be able to have the opportunity to discuss things then that I now sometimes feel embarrassed to ask because society seems to think that I just miraculously know because of my age. This is so not the case, and if anything, the world we live in is becoming more and more confusing every day.

Taxes & Budgeting

Since starting to be a little more independent, particularly with starting up my own business, I learnt very quickly how little I knew about taxes and how to budget my money. I am a very organised person so I had that in my favour, but no matter how organised you are, if you have never had someone really teach you about these things, why would you just know about them? Obviously, being employed since I was 16, I knew about national insurance, the tax you pay on what you earn etc, however I had never really had to sort it out or really even understand what it meant. I had someone doing it all for me. So, does it not seem odd that something so basic and that we all need to know about, is not taught in schools? And now, living in the flat, it took me a really long time to get to grips with how council tax works, as well as road tax. All these things that we all have to pay need to be highlighted clearly to our younger generation, in order to ensure that everyone knows exactly how everything works.

Bills, Rent and Mortgages

To be honest, this is still something that often baffles me. I have just about got to grips with all the bills and how it all works, even if it is all a complete pain. I am not even talking about the money, but physically getting it all sorted can be so stressful. Rent, I understand, however I do think schools need to teach about the whole process and the general cost. So, the one that baffles me the most is mortgages. I still have such little understanding. So you need a hefty deposit and you pay monthly with interest, however I still wouldn’t have a clue how to start the process of buying a home, how much in general you need as a deposit, and the additional costs endured when becoming a home owner. This is such a big and important step in the majority of our lives, and I just cannot understand why it is something we never get taught at a young age. Perhaps, if we all understood more about how it works, we would all take it more seriously and work harder at making it a possibility.

A More Variety of Job Options

This is something I am very passionate about, as I feel very let down by my education and school with regard to what was offered to me once I had completed my exams. It did seem very much as if it was only ever going to be university and it would be crazy to think of going in any other direction. I know that schools here in the UK are under immense pressure to compete with others, and by having more students go to university their results look better, however university is never for everyone. I strongly believe that schools need to work harder to not only suggest other paths as opposed to university, but also educate us about the variety of jobs that there are in this country. Not once did I ever have the opportunity in school to discuss what I actually wanted to do with my life, or did anyone ask me about my skills beyond the basics lessons we all learn.

Driving Theory


At the age of 17, all my friends and I were incredibly excited to start driving. To have some real independence and be able to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. Still to this day, three years later, I could not live without my car and absolutely love driving. However, since driving, I have really learnt how dangerous and horrible people can be on our roads. People have no patience and honestly, are just beyond rude. In reality, it is probably only ever going to get worse. I don’t think that it is our schools jobs to teach us how to drive or even the technical theory, however road safety and our attitude towards driving could definitely be touched on. 

Rules of Employment/ Self-Employment

Now being self-employed and employed, I have learnt so much on how it all works, as well as what you should and shouldn’t let happen. The main thing I have learnt being employed, is that people will try and get away with as much as they can. Being an employee you have a lot of rights and in this country there are a lot of laws put it place to protect us. It sometimes amazes me at how many people don’t seem to understand this. If you are sick for more than 4 working days, your employer has to pay you sick pay or if you are pregnant you are always entitled to maternity pay. Never work without a contract and never be afraid to stick up for yourself. When it comes to money, there is no need to find it awkward, as it is your right to be paid for every hour you work, as well as for unexpected mishaps in life.

Being self-employed, there are obviously a lot less things behind you to protect you, however you do have the luxury of setting your own rules. I will never work without my contract for services, as I feel when I am providing my service to my clients, I am allowed to put rules in place. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself and make the situation work for you.

Marriage & Childcare

I am by no means in this position yet, but under this category I wanted to discuss a few things. The first being marriage. Being a child with divorced parents, I think I speak for everyone else like me in that position, when I say it really is a horrible feeling, especially when you first go through it. My parents’ divorce was by no means pretty and it really did have a big impact on my childhood. Luckily, it hasn’t had an impact on my attitude towards relationships, like it does with a lot of other people. To me, marriage is a very serious commitment and something that should never be rushed or taken lightly. We all love that feeling of a new relationship and feeling like they are absolutely the one, but it always changes down the line. You either grow together or you grow apart. I do think, as part of some sort of life coaching lesson, marriage needs to be brought up and it needs to be highlighted that it really isn’t something that you can decide overnight. There seems to be a very relaxed attitude towards marriage, and I personally think if it was touched on in schools, the divorce rate could potentially be lower.

The second part of this is children. I am guessing that schools still teach about childcare in one of the GCSE subjects, but if you don’t it is never really discussed. I am not saying that they need to spend hours teaching you how to look after a baby or children, but I do think something is better than nothing. So many people who I talk to with their first baby do say how worried they are because they have no idea how to look after a baby. It is such a big part of growing up for most of us, so why is it never talked about in schools? I think just learning the basics and in particular as a woman, learning about pregnancy would have been something that I really could use in the future when I decide to have a baby.

So, what do you wish you had learnt? I would really love for all my readers to get involved with this and share their thoughts!

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Reasons to be happy this Winter

Reasons to be happy this Winter

Images by Kayleigh Gresty Photography

From my own experiences, Winter has always been a time for me that can really affect my mood. The darker days and colder weather can lead to a very negative mind, and for me this has always been something that I have found difficult to overcome. However, in recent years I have had a lot of things making me stressed, which I think is why the Winter can just trigger the emotions I feel with everything going on. Having now had my heart operation and finally be in a good place with work, I am hoping that this year is going to be different. Different for the better. That being said, I know a lot of other people who suffer a lot more in the Winter and also find it very hard to stay positive. In technical terms, this is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), suggesting that it is definitely something that we all need to start taking a lot more seriously.

The thing I remember hating the most about the ‘Winter Blues’ is how it makes me feel so out of control with my emotions. I am not someone who suffers from depression or any sort of mental illness, and am very much in control 99% of the time. So when I am feeling down because of the weather, the confusion really affects me.

It is all good reading tips on how to overcome this, although I think the first step in really making an active effort to avoid suffering is to open yourself up to trying out new ways of dealing with it and really committing to spending the time on yourself. I am definitely someone who spends a lot of time listening to peoples advice and trying to make a change, but I do think the biggest thing that always holds me back personally is not believing that I can do it.

When it comes to mental issues and feeling low, it is a very bumpy road to being able to cope, and it is never going to be something that you can completely overcome. So, this blog post isn’t going to be me giving you my advice on how to deal with this during the next few months, as I am by no means someone in a position to give this out. It would be a case of me discussing what we all ‘should be doing’ and me in the end probably having to take my own advice in the next few months. I want this to be a little more of a positive post, highlighting the reasons why I am so far feeling great this season and what a lot of us do have to be thankful for. If you are in need of a little advice on how to help overcome SAD, the NHS have a great piece online which you can view here.

Family and Friends

The biggest thing in my life that keeps me going and what makes me extremely happy on a daily basis is those who surround me. I have an amazing supportive family, a handful of really close and special friends, an incredible boyfriend and such lovely people who I get to work with and be around. We all seem to do a good job, well the majority of us, in appreciating those around us and prioritising time to put them first. I am grateful every day for the ones I love. They fuel me through life and always keep my spirits high.


Okay, this one may just be because I have had my fair share of health issues, but nevertheless, when I hear or see those horrible TV/ Radio adverts regarding charities, I always count my lucky stars that I am healthy. No matter how much money we have in our bank accounts, or how many green smoothies we drink a day, unfortunately sometimes our bodies just won’t play ball and there is nothing we can do about it. Be grateful every single day for your health, and simple being able to get up in the morning, able to take a breath, look outside and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Real success is when you have things in your life that money will never be able to buy. People and your health will always be the top two.

The basics that we take for granted

I have been thinking about putting this post together for a while, and it all started when I was in the car going over my to-do list. For some reason it just suddenly came across in my mind how lucky I was to be able to just get around in the car, sorting everything out. It is such a small thing, but my car gives me such independence and I love the feeling of being able to basically do whatever the hell I want. Obviously, it isn’t just driving, but other things in life that I think a lot of us have forgotten is a luxury not a necessity. It is going to be different for everyone, but I think it is so important if every day you take two minutes and just really think about all the things you are grateful for in life.

A few other things I am excited about…

Winter evenings – I am such a Winter baby. I love everything chunky knits, blankets, hot chocolates and evenings on the sofa. I am so excited for the seriously cold evenings, being able to enjoy my evenings snuggled up with the ones I love and my baby Nelson.

Winter Food – is there anything better than a good old-fashioned English Winter meal? Whether it be a stew, something with mash or even a full on roast, Winter food makes me unbelievably happy. Simple, yet delicious.

Christmas – it is officially time to start thinking about Christmas and I am beyond excited. This year I am feeling so relaxed and ready to take a good festive week off, surrounding by my family, wearing Christmas PJs and watching festive films.

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What To Buy This Autumn

What To Buy This Autumn

Imagery by Kayleigh Gresty Photography

We are well and truly into my favourite fashion season and I am just completely in awe of everyone’s chunky knits and tailored Zara coats styles on Instagram. I mean is there really anything more beautiful than red and orange tones against crisp Autumn leaves? Anyway, I have been endlessly studying all the trends this year and watching to see what people are stepping out in. As with previous years, I personally think that Autumn trends differ the least compared to other seasons, as everyone definitely chooses warmth and comfort over looking fashionable.

There is definitely a very large presence online and in magazines this season, suggesting that there are few key items that we all must have in our wardrobes to complete the perfect looks.


In my opinion, the high street is nailing this seasons trends, creating products that really represent the catwalks as well as coming with a much more realistic price for those of us who are not on a super model salary every month. Shops such as New Look, H&M and Zara are showcasing a lot of dreamy styles, that are not only in keeping with the season but are also very versatile in everyone’s wardrobe. My one rule this season has been to only buy something if I can use it to create three outfits whereby everything else is already in my wardrobe!

Teddy Bear Coat

Last year the Teddy Bear coat made its entrance and I have no fear that it will not be coming back this year. We seem to be living in a generation now where we all want to be snuggled up all the time, even when we leave the house. A teddy bear coats gives us this opportunity whilst also looking on trend. In fact, I think everyone wearing them looks pretty damn cool. I love that they can be used to create very different kinds of outfits, as well as coming in a large variety of styles now. I have bought myself one this year from New Look fashion and have been astounded by the quality for such a reasonable price. There is no need to spend a fortune now in order to get a good quality piece of clothing.

Midi Skirt & Dresses

For years the mini skirts and dresses have been very present in the fashion world, however in the last 12 months there has been much more of a rise in midi lengths. We are all becoming much more conservative in how much we show, and are embracing the style of a midi piece of clothing. I personally never got into the mini trend, however still do think that the style can be pulled off if paired with the correct pieces… and maybe a cheeky spray tan on the legs. Midi skirts are becoming a huge part of the fashion world, with many swaying more towards them when wearing something other than jeans or trousers. H&M are doing an amazing job at offering a range of midi skirts this year, with a massive variety of textures, colours and patterns. I am loving pairing a midi skirt, more on the lighter side, with a ruffled pair of boots and polo neck. It is a very easy to create, but chic and professional look.

Ruffle Boots


Last year I bought a pair of cheap over knee black boots from New Look. As over-knee they were pretty bad as they didn’t stay there, however, rolled down and ruffled so they fell just below the knee they make the perfect ruffle boots. The look is very simple, yet elevates the legs and adds the perfect amount of texture. Analysing online styles and trends, the ruffle effect is very in this year and are definitely a must have item in your Autumn shoe wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I love the over-knee style, but I do believe that the ruffle effect is going to be much more popular.


Spring Summer may be over, but florals are going nowhere. Which, I am SO happy about! The high street is definitely keeping this trend around, but obviously mixing it up to make them much more appropriate for Autumn. There is a lot of subtle designs mixed into Autumn toned pieces, as well as an increase in reds and oranges showcasing some beautiful prints. Zara have always been very good at transitioning Spring and Summer trends such as florals into Autumn Winter, with a lot or prints being seen through their collection this year.

A Red Handbag


One of the most present pieces that I have seen on Instagram in the last few weeks, as well as in magazines, is a red handbag. I have always loved the look of a bold red handbag, but have never quite found the right one for me or my style. This year, brands have definitely seen the demand and need to produce a good quality red bag and many have come through with the final products. A red bag is a key piece this year, to blend in with the Autumn tones of an outfit or even add a bright and bold contrast. I am really into the contrast of pinks with red, as well as a signature black look with a pop of colour.

Tan Hat

A structured hat has been on the Autumn trends list for years, however I think it is a look that a lot of people are scared to pull of just from a lack of confidence. A sturdy hat is a very bold look, that definitely makes you stand out from the crowd. This is something that I think should be embraced rather than avoided. A hat finishes a subtle look and creates something much more put together and chic. Ted Baker have always been my go to for a good hat. They are well priced for the quality and always have designs that are just a little unique and completely beautiful.


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My Handbag Essentials

My Handbag Essentials

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

Recently I have been focusing a lot on how to grow my blog, what my readers are enjoying and a little on how it all started. Back when blogging was cool and I had just began this little adventure in 2014, my content was very different. I spoke about things that I was loving in life, not focusing too much on the quality of my images as well as how constant I was at producing my content. It has now evolved to be something much more serious, where I get professional photos, I spend a lot longer on writing and the overall look is just much better. That being said, I do feel like I have lost a little bit of me in my work. For example, in recent months I have stepped away from lifestyle and sharing my recipes to focus much more on fashion. This is a change that happened unintentionally, purely due to a lack of time to produce extra content myself.

Having a scan through my older content, I was quite sad that I have stopped this part of my blog, and want to start making more of an effort to mix up my content and bring much more of a variety here for my readers.

This post is my first attempt at bringing this part of my blog back, starting with something very simple yet something that I always enjoy reading from other people. Handbag essentials has always been a big topic on blogs/ videos, with one of my own very first blog posts being all about what is in my handbag. If you would like to step back in time a little, you can read that post here. Anyway, I thought I would together an updated and 2018 version of my handbag essentials and everything I need with me in order to feel confident in the day.

Makeup Must Haves

A Bold Lipstick – Obviously this one is completely dependent on what you choose to wear during the day, however for me I find that keeping a brighter/ bolder colour in my handbag is a must have, even if I wore a nude in the morning. Purely because, through the day as my makeup starts to wear off, I find that I always need a brighter colour in order to make my makeup pop again and just generally make me feel good. My favourite at the moment is from a brand called ‘Stila’ that I recently discovered, when on a shopping trip at the Swindon Outlet Centre.

Under Eye Concealer – I cannot leave my home without this one miracle product from Seventeen. I don’t use it when I first out my makeup on, unless I have a bad spot, but for touch ups in the day it is incredible. It is a very thick concealer, designed specifically for under eyes. However, during the day, just using my fingers it is great at topping up all my face makeup, particularly in places such as around my nose and creases on my eyes.

Lip Kit – I use this much less than my bold lipstick, however it always comes in handy. Having a lip kit is great, not only for the liner but also when you want an instant and easy to create matte look. I have recently discovered the kits from W7 makeup, and am really loving them. After using a lot of drug store lip kits, I have come to the conclusion that there really isn’t the need to spend a fortune on designer ones.

In The Beauty Section

Tangle Teezer – This little gems have to be one of the best inventions ever. I don’t know how I ever managed to brush my hair before these came around. In the day my hair gets so knotted, especially now that we are coming into Winter, just from the wind and the cold. I always need a tangle teezer to remove the knots, particularly underneath by my neck. I can use a normal brush, but it is so much more painful than my teezer.

Vaseline – This is probably the product that has been in my handbag for the longest out of everything, and is the product I first ever started using on myself. Even when I was about 10 I would reach for the Vaseline and smother my lips completely. I always need this in my bag in case my lips get sore, or if my eyebrows need putting in place.

A Good Hand Cream – I cannot live without hand cream. Not only do I like to try and keep my hands and nails soft at all times, but I also get quite bad eczema in the cold. Having some in my handbag is always an essential, and I always find it so amazing how many people ask if you have any!

Large Makeup Brush – Even if you don’t take much makeup out with you, having a makeup brush in your bag is the easiest way to quickly sort your makeup out. I find by just blending, your makeup instantly looks fresh again, even if there is a little less. It is just the best way to get the balance right again and remove any smudging.

Getting Technical

Nail File – Okay, so when your nail snaps, is there anything more irritating than not being able to sort it out? I have had countless days where I have been scratching everything and landed up biting my nail down purely because one broke. Save your sanity and just have a nail file with you at all times! This glass one was a gift and it is one of the best things I have ever received.

Clear Nail Polish – So, this is my little Winter trick, not necessarily for my nails. I wear a lot of skirts and dresses with tights, so have learnt to keep some clear nail polish on me for when I get an inevitable ladder in my tights. All you have to do is paint a little on the beginning of a ladder in order to get them through the rest of the day. When I heard this trick a few years ago it was a game changer!

Roller Perfume – For Christmas last year I received the Gucci Bloom and was so excited because I had been trying to get my hands on it for months. As well as the regular bottle of perfume, I also got a 10ml roller perfume in the set ideal for travel. Since having it, I have used it every single day in my handbag and been able to top up my perfume through the day.  In fact, I am not really sure how there is still some left. So, the final item you must have in your handbag is a roller perfume!


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Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Images by Kayleigh Gresty Photography

I am one of those people who just says yes to everything. I never want to let anyone down so I will always agree to social occasions, appointments, work meetings, and even blog events or collaborations. I mean, unless I am physically doing something else, it will most likely always be a yes. It is great to busy and to always have something going on that is going to add to your life, however I think a lot of the time I can get carried away. From speaking to a lot of other people, this seems to be a running theme. I have just got so much going on in my life, through no one’s fault but my own, that sometimes it can become very hard to juggle things. Unfortunately there simply aren’t enough hours in the day/ week to do everything, unless you want to run your body into the ground.

Taking care of your mental wellbeing and body is just as important as opening yourselves up to various opportunities in life, and I think this is something that we all often start to forget.

For me, I could probably just about cope with life if it was just social occasions and work, however I give myself the extra pressure of blogging, being a bit of a neat freak at home and always saying yes to people. I run myself down completely and then land up spending a day or two being completely spaced out and unable to do anything at all. This usually results in a phone call with my grandma, with me having a bit of a freak out and her saying ‘well I told you so’. Yeah, she is always right, but it is kind of annoying.

So how do we juggle everything and what is the best way to deal with being super busy all the time? Well first things first, it would be to say no. I am actually starting to surprise myself with how much better I am getting at this, often turning down things for the sake of another, or even just to ensure that I am having a little time to chill for myself. Sometimes I find it difficult as I think I am missing out on a good opportunity, however, being out every day and evening just isn’t the right thing to do. The easiest way to do this is by thinking about everything you have planned and putting it into a list, the most important being at the top. This will make it much easier to decide on what you definitely have to attend and what you can say no to.

Sometimes, your list doesn’t necessarily have to be in order of importance, but just as much what you are going to enjoy and what will make you happy.

Staying organised is also key to staying on top of everything. The one thing that has massively helped me recently is starting to use a weekly planner. I still use my good old fashioned diary for everything, although on a Sunday I love to sit down and write my week out all on one page so I can have everything in front of me. I also have a weekly to-do list which does seem a little extreme, but it is amazing at keeping me on track. With these two things, I am able to map out my week and time, getting a good understanding of how much I can give up for things and when I am going to have my time to chill.

I also think a really important thing to do is confide in others and ask their opinion. When I can’t decide on how to juggle things and what is actually important, I talk to my boyfriend or grandma and get their view. It is amazing how quickly you make your decision when you talk to someone else and always so helpful to get a different perspective. I have learnt to really start to listen to them, based purely on how I wish I’d taken their opinions at other times.

Lastly, I would always recommend giving yourself a little weekly structure and sticking to it. For example, I try my best not to spend too much time socialising with friends in the week, and making sure it is the weekend, so then I know I have the weekdays to do things that are productive for work and my blog. Instead of saying no, another way of staying on top of everything is by reorganising and making things fit your schedule. Obviously there are going to be exceptions, however when you can, try to be strict with yourself.

What do you do to keep on top of everything?

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Top – Primark

Bag – Ted Baker




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