During the summer I often find wearing dresses and shorts quite daunting if I don’t feel confident about my body or the condition of my skin. Therefore, I try hundreds of different products to make sure that my legs and arms are smooth, radiant and camera ready every time I leave the house. It can be quite hard work, but it is so worth it if you feel confident walking around. 
I have shown my favourites below. I use The Body Shop Scrub everyday on my arms and dry skin because it is so nourishing and smells amazing. It is really easy to just quickly use in the shower and it makes skin look so smooth and soft. Everyday I use Palmers Cocoa Butter all over, (not on face) because it is the most brilliant product ever created. It smells good enough to eat and is so good for the skin. It gives a real glow and lasts all day. On days that I know I am going to be more exposed I use either The Body Shop Honey Glow or Dirty Works Shimmer Lotion. They are both equally as good, and make skin so shiny and slightly tanned.  
I wash my hair every other day because washing it everyday drys out the roots and is really bad in the long term to use products on the hair everyday. My favourite shampoo brand is Aussi and I have used them for years! Their products are perfect! I then use Moroccan oil spray before drying and a small amont of product that stops it from frizzing and protects it from the heat. My product is a small tube from Aveda. 

I am so strict when it come to skin and hair care but it is so worth it! Links for all the products are shown below!

Have a lovely evening,


Lady Hunter xo

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http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/bath-body-care/body-scrubs/shea-body-scrub.aspx – Body Scrub

http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/make-up/bronzing/honey-bronze-shimmering-dry-oil.aspx – Honey Shimmer

http://www.boots.com/en/Palmers-Cocoa-Butter-Formula-Body-Lotion-1-x-250ml_2327/ – Cocoa Butter

http://www.dirtyworksbeauty.com/bath_body_pages/shimmer_lotion/index.html – Dirty Works Shimmer Lotion

http://www.boots.com/en/Organix-Renewing-Moroccan-Argan-Oil-Weightless-Reviving-Dry-Oil-118ml_1311183/ – Moroccan Oil

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