It really amazes me how quickly the weekends seem to come and go! Anyway, I hope everyone has had a better Sunday than me… I have been in ALL day studying! So, this is the perfect excuse to have some time off. I wanted to show you all some pictures of my favourite place in the country. Whatley Manor, a beautiful country hotel with an amazing restaurant and spa. I have been going since I was small and it seems to be our choice whenever celebrating something in the family. I went for lunch a couple of months ago for my 16th birthday and we stayed about a year ago for my grandmothers 60th! Whilst we were there I took full advantage of the spa facilities and had an amazing back, neck and shoulder massage for 60 minutes. It was bliss. The food was delicious everyday and my guess would be that I gained about 5 pounds just after 3 days! Luckily, they have a  lovely fitness centre to burn off all the calories! The beautiful gardens are also surrounding the house making it great for a country stroll. 

My outfit shown in the pictures was from a boutique in Clifton Village called HUS. It is a scandinavian shop, selling brands such as Riba.  I also had cream mid-heels and a matching bag from Dune (link below). The little boy is my beautiful cousin Jack, and he was wearing Ted Baker trousers and shirt with a navy jumper. Doesn’t he look cute! 
Check out the Whatley website for more information!

Have a lovely Sunday evening.


Lady Hunter xo

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