Wow! Second post already. Exciting stuff. So, today I am having a hardcore revision day for my five exams this week. I am so stressed that I just feel like sleeping until it is all over! Unfortunately, that isn’t an option and I just have to battle through the next couple of weeks in order to have a smile on my face on results day! Fingers tightly crossed. The best way I find to get through revision is food. Today I had a delicious sandwich made with fresh white bread, new Philadelphia sweet chilli cheese, cucumber and ham! It was absolutely delicious. I also had some of my favourite coleslaw from the ‘taste the difference’ Sainsbury’s range. Highly recommended. I feel as if I am going to have a late night tonight so I have been drinking quite a lot of coffee – and water to keep hydrated. This morning I had some goodies delivered from the amazing Asos, and I can’t wait to show you later on in the week. Stand by to see this seasons bold colours brightening up each outfit! Can’t wait.

Have a good afternoon,


Lady Hunter xo

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