I love Sundays. They’re so relaxing…especially when the sun is shining and you don’t have the prospect of a week at school! Here’s my outfit of the day, a bit less casual because we have been celebrating my great grand-mother turning 90! Wow! I could never imagine myself being 90…even though I do love a good birthday party – or birthday ‘tea’ in todays case. 
When I say less casual, that’s usually the aim of each of my outfits. I just don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of dressing down – I only own one hoodie, and it only seems to appear when I get cold after a workout or when I have to answer the door in the morning after pulling myself out of bed. I am really just someone who expresses themselves via their clothes. I just love fashion, and couldn’t ever imagine not being interested in what i’m wearing. 

Dress from Jack Wills / Similar Necklace found here.  
I bought this dress on Wednesday – as mentioned – from Jack Wills. I went in just for a nose, and there it was… calling out my name! I borrowed this amazing necklace from my nan – she bought it a few weeks ago at a boutique in Dartmouth, Devon. The turquoise with the white looks so attractive and really portrays the latest look of the summer. I have a feeling this outfit will be in the summer holiday bag. 


Lady Hunter xo

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