This weather is really confusing me – it’s a mixture between warm and cold! What do you wear when you have no idea whether the temperature is going to unexpectedly change? SO irritating. 
Starting today a little later than usual; it’s a Sunday, a lie in is quite appropriate. On Wednesday I am going on holiday, which means I have three days to do three hardcore workouts getting my body into my summer shape. I love workouts, although I do find it quite hard to find the time for proper ones! Today I have made myself a lemon water, just to twist things up a bit. I drink so much water when working out…and every other time of the day, so adding some flavour is really good fun and pleases my tastebuds. 

Later I am going to be sharing a recipe I made last night: Courgette, Lemon and Basil Risotto. Delicious. 


Lady Hunter xo

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