Yesterday we were in Amsterdam, which was a bit different to what I expected. I had imagined it like i’d seen in the movies…my most recent one being The Fault in Our Stars, though it wasn’t like that at  all. It was quite scruffy and after a while a bit boring! Anyway, it was nice to go and see it with my own eyes. My internet is really bad on this ship, so I can only upload a few pictures, but I will be sharing all the pictures after the holiday when I get home. I have so many already! 

Today we went to Guernsey, which was beautiful. It was very British, but  a lot prettier! They speak English and use sterling, plus there were loads of shops like Miss Selfridge and New Look. It was very exciting! We’re now setting off for Spain, so tomorrow we have a sea day! Speak to you all on Sunday! 
Lady Hunter xo
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