Yesterday we were in Vigo, Spain. It was so beautiful – the sun was shining, the culture was inspirational and the shops were very satisfying. Although, it was a Sunday so many places were closed. This meant that we got to see all the Spanish families going out for a Sunday lunch in their finery. I just love looking a peoples clothes, especially Spanish or Italians. We left Vigo at 2pm, meaning that I had time to sunbathe on a lounger for a few hours before hitting the gym for a workout overlooking the ocean. We then had an Italian night, consisting of an Italian show, followed by cocktails and Italian food. It was such good fun. Most of the men weren’t at dinner though because all the bars and lounges were full of exasperated crowds nervously watching the world cup final. I hate football so I was more than happy to give it a miss!
Today we’re in Portugual, but I have got bad sun burn from yesterday because I forgot to keep putting suncream on, so I am staying on the ship and going to look in the shops and read. At the moment I am reading the Divergent novels, because I just loved the film. They are amazing, but so addictive. 

Hope everyone is having a good week, even if work and school is still in full swing!


Lady Hunter xo

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