Part 2 of yesterdays outfit post, just because I really wanted to show of this beautiful coat and how the living room is starting to look now that it is nearly finished! At last! This coat is from Zara, found in the sale – it was an absolute bargain. At first I was a bit sceptical about the colour, but the style is so feminine and the colour has actually started to really grow on me. What do you think? The coat clashes horribly with the colour of the living room, but then again, Elle Woods did once quote that ‘Orange is the new pink’! 

– my nan’s new love – 

Coat Zara // Top Zara 

Also, just a quick apology about all the disruption with the layout of the blog recently. I have been trying to get it looking how I like for ages, so I was experimenting with different images and backgrounds to see which suited the web version, and mobile version, as well as really complimenting the content. This layout it going to stay the same now…no more surprises!
Lady Hunter xo
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