I have a real sweet tooth (…well I eat anything;)), and one of my favourite sweet things to eat  is a good cheesecake. However, when I made one it wasn’t quite as good as the ones I’d eaten before. Then, someone gave me this amazing invention. When taking my exams I had a tutor, who has a two year old daughter, so I look after her quite often. One night, my tutor showed me how to make this ‘instant cheesecake’ and I have been addicted ever since. It is just a digestive, with cream cheese and jam – and they taste absolutely divine! You really must try them, just because they’re so easy and a real crowd pleaser! 
Digestives // Philly Cream Cheese // Jam of your choice // Nutella for those who can’t resist chocolate! 
Spread the cream cheese evenly and generously before adding your favourite topping! You could even put fresh fruit, or some chopped nuts! 


Lady Hunter xo

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