So today I have decided that I am going to be much more organised over the next two years – let’s see how long it lasts! It includes juggling schoolwork, the blog, work and social time. OMG…i’m going to be one busy bunny. I’ve started with school, and my folders etc… are looking very good indeed. Now it’s time for the blog. I have made a plan of the weeks, to keep it consistent and a lot easier to handle. I am going to take all pictures at the weekend and upload late afternoon everyday. Here is my very organised plan πŸ˜‰ : 
Monday: Outfit post (day look)
Tuesday: Online Picks (Inspired by someone, new collections, etc…)
Wednesday: Outfit post (day look)
Thursday: Recipe 
Friday: Beauty/ Fitness exercise
Saturday: Outfit Post (evening wear) and Instagram update (every 3 weeks)
Sunday: Recipe / other 

– good weekend everyone –


Lady Hunter xo

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