So today I have finally got a recipe to share! Woo! Our kitchen was such a mess, but now it is all nice and tidy with a new door and an island! It’s literally one of my favourite things ever. I thought I would do a savoury recipe because I don’t have much time for loads of baking – plus something healthy seeing as it’s September. I have put in asparagus and tomato. I am not particularly keen on asparagus, but it’s so good for you. 
Tuna Pasta with Tomato and Asparagus. 


Spaghetti (depending on how many you’re cooking for) // 1 Tuna Tin // 2 Tomatoes // 11 Asparagus’ // Seasoning // Olive Oil  

Put the spaghetti on to cook – cook until it is the desired texture. 

Prepare the tuna, tomatoes and asparus. Simply drain the tuna, snap the asparagus naturally and chop the tomatoes into sixths. Put the asparagus in a small pan of boiling water, and cook until slightly soft with a bite. 

Drain the pasta and put back into the hot saucepan. Add the tuna, olive oil and seasoning. Then plate up and top with the cooked asparagus and tomatoes. 

This recipe requires very few ingredients, and it is extremely quick to make. 
– Hope it tastes good – 
Lady Hunter xo
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