New products received in the post – I love them! The Dior foundation was actually for someone else, but the colour wasn’t right, so it’s mine! I usually use my everyday foundation, and have used the same one for the past 2 years, but how do you know there isn’t another one better if you don’t try them all? I also ordered some new Clinique products, trying to get a good skin routine going, so I got the first stage of the 3 step skincare range (soap bar), and I also got some serum to help even out the skin tone. It is amazing – so rich and smooth. Finally, I got a Chubby Stick! I have been looking at them for such a long time, and got my hands on one at last! Going to have to try it out sometime this weekend. It’s in a deep pink colour that works best with my skin tone. 

Clinique Soap Bar from Boots // Clinique Chubby Stick from Boots // Clinique Serum from Boots
– have a good weekend –
Lady Hunter xo
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