*Shriek*…I am so unbelievably excited for christmas!!! The food, the music, the dress up, the presents, the happiness, the love — what’s not to like?! So, it’s time for my first christmas blog post! Seeing as it is still only November, I am going to start with just a few things that I have been looking at to add to my christmas wish list, however i’m sure that I will be doing lots more sooner the time. Thankfully, this period between now and the christmas season goes tremendously quickly. Yay! If you haven’t seen from a previous blog post, I work in Costa Coffee, and we brought out all of our christmas products on Thursday…including those amazing coffee cups! There’s a gingerbread man, a snowman and santa. Soo cute! I am going to talk more about this in the next couple of weeks, but my shift on Saturday really did get me in the christmas mood – especially getting to wear a santa hat all day!

Chocolate – the easiest and the most loved present, in my opinion. I am a very big fan of chocolate, and love getting loads of it for christmas presents. The ones above are my favourites, however I also love dark chocolate with mint! It’s so relaxing — especially with a good coffee. Hotel Chocolat

That Jacket – I saw this beauty about a month ago in Zara whilst on a girly shopping trip with my lovely grandma, although I am under strict instructions to go nowhere near her wardrobe…i’m guessing that’s where she hides the presents! From Zara

New Handbag – I have quite a few handbags, but I do really think that you can never have enough? Above are some of my picks from the past few weeks. I saw the black clutch in Ted Baker and fell in love instantly. The Mulberry bag has been a dream of mine for a while…although the price means that it may have to wait until a special birthday? I also love the Michael Kors bags, as well as the beautiful range from Zara. Zara // Ted Baker // Mulberry // Michael Kors

Polaroids – I absolutely adore these cameras, they’re so cute and cheerful. I love how the images print instantly, and the style is so sweet. Only problem is…I could never decide on a colour? 

– Good Night –

Lady Hunter xo
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