Today I am in London because it’s the only weekend I could get off work to see my mum for Christmas. I went straight into London today to do some christmas shopping and I went into Michael Kors and bought myself a little present – good or a bad decision I still don’t really know?…but I love what I bought, and I will be sharing on Sunday. Everywhere was quite busy because of Black Friday – however I still managed to have a look everywhere. Now I get to spend the evening with my mum and little brother with a nice glass of wine and some food. Heaven. 

A little extra note this evening – last week another blogger (Lily Rose) asked to interview me for a blog post. I was very honoured and we had a lovely conversation where I answered a few questions. Please take the time to take a look at the interview here. A big thank you to Lily for the beautiful post. 

– Have a good weekend – 


Lady Hunter xo

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