Sorry I didn’t get a chance to upload these pictures yesterday; I didn’t get back home until late and then I was hastily getting ready with work etc… but better late than never! Haha, yesterday I came home from London, and in the morning we went out for a little breakfast and to have a look the christmas decorations at the local garden centre. Thomas managed to get a Santa hat out of me, and we were looking for some straw to complete his 1660’s London house for homework. How cute is that. My mum and Thomas spent ages on Saturday night making this little house and it really does look so good! 
So today I have been tidying up the mess I left this morning and looking at the few bits I bought in London. Tomorrow I really want to share about the new purse I bought – it’s so beautiful!

Top from Zara

Have you seen the little piece of christmas on the header picture of the blog…seeing as it is the 1st of December!? 

– have a good evening –
Lady Hunter xo
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