A day in Bath – my favourite place. Yesterday I took Jack (my little cousin) to Bath because he really wanted to go on an open top bus, and going in Bristol seemed a little boring seeing as we’re here all the time. We got on the train, which is so easy, and then we had some lunch in Browns. The Browns in Bath is so beautiful. It is in a very large old building and the interior is sleek and sophisticated. After lunch we went to find a toy, and then Jack decided it was too cold for the bus so he didn’t want to go. I would say what a waste of a journey, but walking around the shops and just relaxing was very enjoyable. 
Today I got my hair cut, and I was so so scared. My hair was way too long and just didn’t feel tidy, so I got a few inches off and it feels so different. Thankfully I can still style and shape it however I want. 

– good night –


Lady Hunter xo

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