Last night whilst updating the blog I was sat at the table in the living room looking out at the field that is outside our courtyard. I saw a beautiful sunset and quickly went to get the camera, just because I have never seen anything so special.  Unfortunately I am not a whizz with my Nikon yet, and these pictures definitely don’t give the scene justice. Although you can still get the idea. 
When I started my blog I had no idea about the world of blogging, and it wasn’t until 2 or 3 months into posting that I started to actually read other blogs. I also became familiar with the amazingly well-known bloggers in the UK such as Zoella and Tanya Burr. I must admit, I don’t actually read many other blogs because I always find it difficult to make the time. Nevertheless, I found out about Tanya Burr’s book via Instagram, and it was just something that I had to have a look at. My style is so similar to hers and since having a read of her blogging career it has really opened my eyes to what could be achieved from such a simple thing. I highly recommend having a read of her book to see her journey and to give you a little motivation to make your dreams come true. 
Tanya Burr’s Book from Amazon

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