This is the second risotto recipe that I will have shared on the blog. My first one was a vegetarian option that I cooked when in a cooking competition the year before last – take a look at that recipe again here. It is definitely my most favourite thing to cook, and it is one of the most therapeutic recipes ever. Overall the recipe can take an hour to an hour and a half. It is one of those cooking experiences where you are literally standing stirring for the whole time, however the end result makes the work totally worth it. 
The Best Risotto 
Ingredients (4 people):

1 onion – roughly chopped // 2 garlic cloves – crushed // 250g risotto rice // smoked bacon lardons // smoked streaky bacon (6 rashers) // 1 courgette – thinly sliced and split between two bowls // handful of basil – finely chopped // parmesan – grated // double cream // 2 lemons – juiced // white wine // 1 litre chicken stock // butter, olive oil and seasoning
Firstly prepare the ingredients as stated above. If you prepare all ingredients and have them organised by the pan, it will make life so much easier when bringing the risotto together. 

Heat some olive oil and some butter in a deep saucepan until bubbling. Add the garlic and onions until golden. 

Carefully place half the courgettes over the onion until the middle starts to go slightly transparent. Then mix them in with the onion. 

Add the risotto rice and a splash of white wine so that the pan steams. Mix the risotto rice into the onion and courgettes, so that the rice is no longer dry. 

Bring the heat to a gentle simmer and gradually add the chicken stock, continuously stirring. The technique to get the rice the right way is to add a bit of stock at a time, stir until the mixture is dry again and then repeat the process until the stock is gone. 

Whilst mixing the stock into the risotto, heat some oil in a separate pan and fry the lardons until cooked and slightly crisp. 

Then add the lardons, ensuring some oil from the pan goes into the risotto. This will give the risotto an even better taste. 

Once all of the stock is added, and the rice is cooked with a slight bite, put the lid on and simmer very gently while you cook the streak bacon. Use the same pan that was used from the lardons, and fry until extremely crisp. 

Add the remaining courgette, cream, a handful of parmesan and the basil. Bring the risotto together, so that it is creamy and has strings of the cheese when mixing. 

Serve in a bowl, with a criss cross of the bacon half a handful of parmesan. You could also decorate with some basil leaves. 

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– i hope it tastes good –


Lady Hunter xo

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