Wow this blog post is a lot later than expected. Yesterday and today has been so busy, and I have finally managed to relax whilst watching a new film called ‘Begin Again’. It stars Keira Knightly, and shows a group of musicians recording an album all over New York City. I am only half way through, so I will let you know how it goes tomorrow!
I am one of those people who follows everyone on Instagram, including celebrities, magazines and fashion retailers. Therefore, I have seen so much of the front row fashion this week, and thought I would share some of my favourite styles, and same ways that we are also able to recreate the looks. 

Alexa Chung – 1. Blouse // 2. Coat // 3. Boots // Jeans

Dree Hemingway – 1. Earrings // 2. Boots // 3. Dress

Olivia Palermo – 1. Coats // 2. Trousers // 3. Boots // Jumpers

– good night –


Lady Hunter xo

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