A few months ago, the lovely Vera emailed me to ask whether I would be interested in doing a blog collaboration. I’ve never really worked with any other bloggers before, and at first we found it quite difficult to think of what we could do as a sort of joint blog post, however we finally decided on a double interview and I think the results are amazing. It’s nice to see how other bloggers work, and to see the blogging differences between two cultures. 
What made you start a blog?
There are several reasons. I was obviously interested in the things I write about, and I was also looking for a new hobby. I wanted to start something like this since I was a little child, and since I love writing so much, this seemed like something fun!
How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging in June 2014, so now about 7-8 months.
Your blog specifies that you are a beauty, body and lifestyle blogger. Which out of the three is your favourite type of post to publish on the blog? 
That is a really hard question. I never really thought about it but if I needed to choose one type then I would choose beauty. I just love it and it is such a big concept, with lots of options.

What do you think is the best part of blogging?

Getting to write about something you love. You can just sit down and start writing, and I enjoy that probably the most. And support of course! πŸ™‚

Who are your favourite bloggers?

I have three favourites. One of them is of course your blog! Another blog I love is Lily Rose Richards (found here) . The last one is a Dutch blog called VeraCamilla.nl. Both talk about fashion and stuff like that too, and I love them. 
What is your favourite beauty product at the moment?
That must be Naked Palette by Urban Decay. It is amazing. I have never had an eyeshadow palette this good. Even though it is quite expensive, it is totally worth the money. 

Which is your favourite high street shop?

My favourite clothing shop is probably H&M, as their clothes are just amazing and most of them not really expensive. But if we’re talking about body and beauty I would say the Body Shop or MAC.  

Are you a student? If so what are you studying?

I’m not studying, as i’m still in secondary school. As I live in Holland, I don’t really know the ‘school’ difference. I do pretty much know what I want to study later though, which would be economics or English Writing. 
What is your favourite fashion magazine?

Elle! I always have about 5 magazines ready when I need to travel!

Who is your favourite music artist?

From the past it must be the band Queen. Their music is amazing and I love every single song. My favourite music artist now is Ed Sheeran, as his new album covers every genre. 
What is your typical outfit for a day out with friends?

Probably some high-waisted jeans, with a nice blouse and some nikes. Simple, but also I feel classy. 

Where would you go on a typical day out with family?

Probably for a walk in the woods, or just for a talk. Sometimes we go into the city to go shopping or to visit a museum and have some lunch. 
If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
I really really want to go to New-Zealand, also known as Lord-Of-The-Rings land. The landscaped just look amazing and I would love to tour through the country and go hiking! I really hope I can go there someday. 

Five things you couldn’t live without on a daily basis?

My family, my friends, my laptop, my phone and my make up :3. (Who needs food, water or clothes anyway…) πŸ˜‰ 

What do you like about my blog (Lady Hunter)?

I really like your type of writing, and you make your posts really personal by adding lots of pictures! I really enjoy reading your posts, and when I get on your blog, I find myself reading lots of posts after 15 minutes!

Take a look at Vera’s blog to see the whole collaboration, here.

– have a good evening –
Lady Hunter xo
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