This blog post is a bit overdue as it was supposed to be published on Wednesday, however I have been in bed feeling ill for the past two days and then my wifi decided not to work yesterday, hence the blog being a little empty. Anyway, seeing as it was my birthday on Tuesday I thought I would share the gifts that I got – and I love love love every single one. 

Driving Lessons – seeing as I turned 17 I am now finally able to learn to drive, which is such an amazing thing! I had my first lesson on Wednesday evening for 2 hours and I absolutely loved it! I can’t believe I got the hang of it so quickly – seeing as I was so unbelievably nervous! 

An Owl Purse – how cute is this? It’s so tiny and sweet, and also bright pink which you probably have guessed by now is my favourite colour! The leather is also incredibly soft making it extra special. 

A Single Cafetiere – in our house we only have one big cafetiere that will make about six coffee’s… however this is way too much for just me, so my nan got me my very own seeing as I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee. 

Chocolate – a little tin of belgian chocolates that I am going to enjoy very very much. 

An Owl Notebook – a lovely gift from my best friends family… a paper chase notebook which is going to be very helpful in the next few months with all the revision i’m going to need to do! 

Call the Midwife (Series 3) – hurray hurray! My favourite programme! My lovely best friend clearly listens to everything I say, I desperately needed this on DVD because I have watched series 1 and 2 so much that I really needed to complete my collection! 

Individual Sweets in Boxes – this was one of my favourite presents from my best friend. Individual boxes filled with different sweets, and each box has a letter on that when put together they spell ‘birthday’. What an amazing idea for a present?! I have a feeling it will take me a while to get through all of them!

Pencils – my gorgeous little cousin got me a pencil set in a pretty tube covered in pink roses. 

Zoella Bath Fizzers – the packaging on the bath fizzers is so beautiful and looks so nice in my room. I can’t wait to try these in a hot bath. 

Fat Face Hand Cream and Bag – this bag is the perfect size to go in the handbag, and the creams smells amazing! 


Rings – I absolutely love this ring collection from H&M. The colours are so me, and each one is different yet they all go together! I am really into rings right now, and this is the latest edition to my growing collection. 

Quote Handle – Haha someone knows me well πŸ˜‰ I love this sign that can hang on any door or hook in the house! The colour is so quirky and the quote is very me. 

Olivia Burton Watch – I have been going on and on about a watch for what feels like years and I finally got one! I am one of those people who always knows what they are getting for their birthday or Christmas, and no exceptions were made with this. I chose and ordered it! I went for the grey band because I wear quite a lot of grey, and it goes with a lot clothes that I usually wear. The face is so beautiful and I can’t stop looking at it every time I have it on. 
I think I better start writing some thank you cards for all these beautiful presents!
– have a good day –
Lady Hunter xo
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