I recently read an article in a paper that said that handbags are becoming exceptionally expensive, and I totally agree. When reading all fashion magazine I notice the tiny print for the price next to these amazing bags, and when you see the figures £3,200 you instantly know why the text is so small. Yes these handbags are very beautiful, and yes they probably are well made, but in real life very few people can actually afford to buy these. So, the paper I read sourced some handbags with small price tags suited for ‘everyday people’. When reading this article I did agree that these handbags were cheaper, however they were still averaged about £300, which is a lot of money and students like myself and people from the normal working world still probably wouldn’t dream of spending this on a bag. And then I had an idea… find some bags with even smaller prices! There are so many nice bags on the high street, and they all have realistic price tags. I’ve also added in a few images from my own collection seen on the blog in the past year. 

Asos: 1. Navy Satchel // 2. Mini Pink Satchel //  3. Handheld pink bag // 4. Tote Bag

Missguided: 5. Tote Bag // 6. Bucket bag // 7. Rose Tote Bag// 8. Daisy Bag

Topshop / River Island: 9. Leather Satchel // 10. Orange Mini Tote // 11. Belted Purse// 12. The Izzy Bag

Zara: 13. Messenger Bag // 14. Fabric Shopper // 15. Bucket Bag// 16. Backpack

– good night –
Lady Hunter
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