“Every brunette needs a blonde”
Today I wanted to do a slightly different blog post, which was actually the idea from my best friend. She has helped me to put this together, and I think it’s such a good idea. We have named it ‘how to be best friends with your best friend’. We are such good friends that we even share a name… however different spelling. Abby and Abi – woo. We have come up with 10 ways to stay as close as possible with your bestie. 
1. GOSSIP – we think that without gossip our friendship wouldn’t function. Whether talking about boys or the best place for acrylic nails, we spend hours and hours gossiping about everything. 

2. Honesty – no friendship would ever work without honesty. Your job as a best friend is to support and protect each other, most of all being honest 100% of the time… even if they get slightly offended. We found this out when we didn’t talk for a month last summer all because of one stupid comment that one of us took to heart πŸ˜‰ We know realise that it is important to be truthful to each other, and always respect the fact that you’re doing it for a reason. 
3. Banter – those inside jokes that no one else will ever understand, laughing randomly for hours and forgetting what it was even about… this is all part of one of the best girly friendships. 
“God made us best friends because he knew our parents couldn’t handle us as sisters”

4. Time Out – sometimes we just need a little breather from the person we love, other ways you’ll land up driving each other insane. However, this shouldn’t last long, because after a day or two all you will want to do is have an hour long conversation on the phone practically talking about nothing. 
5. Sharing – I can now say that a quarter of my wardrobe belongs in Abby’s wardrobe… and I highly doubt that I will be seeing it again anytime soon, unless it’s on her. A best friend friendship should be like sisters, sharing clothes, food and anything you both love. If you suddenly see something missing from your room, you automatically assume you know where is has gone πŸ˜‰ 
6. Food – Abby and I literally eat so much when we’re together. Whether it’s going out for  a trio of pasta at Carluccio’s, buying loads of sweets from Poundland for a trip to the cinema, or stocking up on junk food for a girly night in.. we never stop eating. 
“If I promise to keep a secret, telling my best friend does’t count”

7. When to stop – as much as being honest is important, sometimes we both know the point when we need to stop. There’s only so much each of us can take of the other going on.. and as a best friend we should both know when this is. 
8. Films – Abby and I have literally lost count of how many films we have watched together. Even though, when we actually put a film on we get through about 15 minutes and then start talking and taking selfies… completely losing the plot of the film. We basically never keep quiet when together. 
“My best friend, I would lie for, cry for, take a bullet and straight up die for”

9. Phone Calls – We talk all the time. We text constantly, and out phone calls on average probably add up to about 8 hours a week. I have no idea how much we have to talk about, sometimes we’re not even talking… we’re just on the phone and silently looking at other stuff at the same time. One time I was crying down the phone for a good 20 minutes, and Abby just listened haha! Our friendship would be so hard without out phones!
10. Opposites – this is a theory we have come up with together, but as much as we both enjoy doing the same things etc… we are the complete opposites. We have a different view on everything, and there is so much different about the way we are. But we like to think of this as a good thing as we have a good balanced friendship. 
“NO ONE understands our conversations”
“Break her heart, i’ll break your face”
– good evening –


Lady Hunter xo

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