On Sunday I did a blog post about foundations, and focused on the one that I use mainly on a daily basis. So I thought I would share a little more with you, now sharing with you what eye-make up I use during the day. I am I big fan of eye-make up and I think it just looks so amazing if it’s done well, and having well done eyes just seems to enhance all your features so well. 
I start with a light dusting of eye-shadow all the way up to the bottom of the eye-brow, and then a goody colour just over the lid. In the evening I use a darker colour for more of an effect. I then use liquid eyeliner on top of my lid, and a black pencil on the bottom of my eye. Finally, I use my favourite mascara from Dior which is so good. It makes my lashes look so long and full of body and quite dark. I got this L’Oreal Nude Palette from duty free when I was in Spain a few weeks ago, and it was so worth it. It has so many different shades and the quality is so good. 

All Products Via Boots.com: Mascara // Nude Palette // Liquid Eyeliner // Eye Pencil // Lash Curler

– good night –
Lady Hunter xo
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