Tonight is one of my favourites – I am spending it with my auntie and cousin. I absolute love coming here because we just have so much fun, and my auntie and I can just sit back, have a gossip and catch up on loads of Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s… out guilty pleasure. I thought I would do a blog post on what I think should be included for the perfect girls night in. 
Girl Time
Gossip Magazine – my favourites are Elle and Cosmopolitan
Pampering – facials and nails
Trash TV – Kardashian’s and Soaps
Chick Flicks – our favourite is Pretty Woman!
Sweets – Love hearts are my favourites. 
Cava – this is what happens on every girly night with my auntie… which is probably why we have so much fun. 
Banning Technology – when having a girly night, I try to resist using my phone because I just spend so much time on it…and it can often take over, so sometimes my brain just needs a rest. 

– have a good Saturday night –


Lady Hunter xo

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