Since being on holiday to Tenerife, my face was amazingly dry. So I went out and stocked up on loads of new products to solve the problem. Firstly, I needed to change my make-up removal routine. I bought Simple products including an eye-makeup remover, a face wash and an under eye gel. So when taking my make-up off in the evening I firstly use the eye-makeup remover, and then a cleanser from Nivea which also has a toner with it. I then use the face wash, and every other evening I use a gentle scrub from The Body Shop. Finally, I use a night time cream from The Body Shop before applying the under eye oil. 
In the morning, I use the cleanse and toner again, and then use the new face cream from the Body Shop. It is for very very dry skin, and is so gentle when applied. It has really tackled dry areas, and keeps the face moisturised throughout the day. It also smells amazing. 

Products (via : Face Wash // Under-eye roll on // Eye-makeup remover // Nivea Cleanser and Toner // (Body Shop): Day Cream for very very dry skin // Night Cream

– good evening –


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