Today I wanted to talk about all things beauty. I am a big fan of make-up… not to say that I completely cake it on, but I feel so uncomfortable leaving home without wearing any. I like to go for a natural look, however this is a lot harder than it seems. Everyone always seems to say to me ‘No you don’t look like you wear much!’ but little do they know! I like to use make-up that creates an even skin tone, covers blemishes and enhances features. Therefore each bit you use has to be the right one for your skin type and tone. I am going to talk about eye-make up later in the week, although today I wanted to tell you about my foundation. 
My absolute favourite foundation is from Chanel and is called ‘Perfection Lumiere’. I have a very light skin tone, so I wear the lightest shade they offer SPF 10. This foundation just gives such an effortless finish every time. It feels very light and soft on the skin and doesn’t wear off throughout the day. I usually add a layer of Mac Powder to finish the look. When finding this perfect foundation I also discovered many others, shown below. 

Dior Skin Sculpt (20) – this foundation gives a lot of coverage for little amount and hence last quite a long time. Reviews I have read all say how amazing it is! It gives a flawless finish as with the Chanel and works well with problem skin. This shade was a little too dark for me, as it isn’t the lightest in the range. 
Clinique Moisture Surge (CC Cream) – I absolutely love this foundation too! It does’t give as much  coverage as the Chanel, however if I just want a quick light glow then this is perfect! It makes my skin really shiny and makes it look so healthy and radiant. It also smells so nice! The only problems I find is that the texture is a tad too thick, and it requires quite a lot of blending. If it appears too dewy, try adding a matte powder on top. 

bareMinerals Bare Skin – again this shade was too dark for my skin tone, however it was so easy to apply as it blended quickly and gave great coverage. Although, I did find that it was quite greasy on my skin. For some people this doesn’t matter too much but I hate the feeling. I would definitely recommend it for something to be used quickly and efficiently. 
Rimmel Match Perfection – this is probably the cheapest of my collection, however it is definitely one of my favourites. Sometimes when mine runs out I have to use this until I remember to get out to the shops to stock up, and it is actually quite good. It has amazing coverage, really covers blemishes and matches my skin tone perfectly. Again this one can be a little greasy if you put too much on, but definitely worth a go. 

Links for all foundation via – Chanel // Dior // Clinique // bareMinerals // Rimmel

– happy Sunday –


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