I bought my phone in September when it first came out, and as it was so new, no one had any pretty cases that I could find so easily with the iPhone 5. My favourite place for phone accessories being Accessorize. So I started with the pink Apple case, and then swapped it for the black one for a more subtle look. I will link both of these posts below. Recently, I started searching again for a more girly case and finally found one that is just so beautiful. It is a lovely navy, with patterned pinky coloured elephants on the back. It is so cute. It also makes my phone feel a lot lighter because it is a thin plastic, compared to the thick rubber case from Apple. Although, this probably does mean that i’m going to have to be careful with it as it is probably easier to break it if dropped. 
Pink Case // Black Case // New Phone Case from Accessorize

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