*sigh* I think it’s safe to say that yesterday’s motivation quotes post has got me no where, seeing as I woke up during the night feeling really ill, and have never felt so tired today. Seeing as I do have two more exams to get through I have managed to get quite a good chunk of revision done from my bed, however I am starting to wonder how much actually went in. 
A nice little thing for the day was receiving my order from Boots. My everyday absolute ‘can’t live without’ foundation ran out so I quickly ordered some more before I totally ran out. It is from Chanel, and I have mentioned it in pretty much all of my beauty posts. I also ordered some new brushed (foundation and blush) as I have had mine for quite a while, so even if you keep them clean they still new renewing quite regularly. Finally, I got a couple of new make-up products to try out such as a mascara, bronzer and blusher from Rimmel and a lip gloss front the Natural Collection. More details of the products below. 

Apart from my foundation brush, all my others are from ‘ecoTools’. I absolutely love their brushes as they are such good quality, they’re so soft and they’re also environmentally friendly. Before I had a Chanel foundation brush just because I though it matched my foundation, however I thought I would try out a new one from ecoTools. It is slightly thinner although extremely soft and good quality. 

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun” – Joe Namath 

Three reasons that I wear make-up:


Without make-up I feel so insecure when I’m out. It’s a kind of armour that I think a lot of girls seem to thrive from. 

Getting Creative 

 You can create so many looks, and there are so many products to test out. 
I look awful without it  

Okay, so I probably don’t need as much as I do put on, but realistically I look so much healthier when wearing it. 

– good evening – 
Lady Hunter xo
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