Let’s talk all things beauty. I had an idea of doing a post about beauty products that are absolutely essential for me on an everyday basis. I have come up with 5, that I really really wouldn’t know what to do without. I have probably mentioned each one in other beauty posts, however I thought I would put my most important ones together. 
5 Beauty Products I couldn’t live without!

Cocoa Butter – the best moisturiser in the world. Recently I used a different one from a gift set, and about an hour later I noticed how dry and flakey my skin was feeling. Then I realised that I had completely taken for granted just how amazing cocoa butter is because I have been using it for so long. I absolutely love the smell of it, and it is so nourishing and hydrating for the skin. 

Dry Shampoo – I discovered this a few years ago when my hair was really oily because of those horrible early teenage years, and now I have become completely obsessed with it using it everyday. To begin with I thought that it was probably really bad for you hair, although I asked my hairdresser recently whether I should be using it and she said that it just puts a cover on your hair and does no damage because it is washed out when you wash your hair. I love how it makes your hair appear and feel instantly fresh and each of them have a different amazing scent. 

Lancome Cleanser – I bought this a few months ago in duty free for a ridiculously cheap price, and I so wish that i’d bought more than one. I use it twice a day, and it is so good for my skin. It is really gentle on the skin, and doesn’t irrigate my face which a lot of other cleansers do. It has also lasted such a long time, as i’m no where near to finishing it. I also love how beautiful the bottle is. It is simple, and looks so pretty on my dressing table. 

Body Scrub – this is the best body scrub in all the land. The Body Shop offer some amazing products that are all so good for people’s skin etc. This is my favourite product, a Shea body scrub. It is the best smell ever. I use it on the top of my arms because I suffer from a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, which is often also known as chicken skin. It is a hereditary condition, as my mother suffers from the same problem. It isn’s a problem as it doesn’t cause discomfort, however I use a scrub to keep the redness down as it doesn’t particularly look nice. I try to use it once a day. 

Mac Powder – this product is something which seems to be in so many people’s makeup bags… simply because it is the best powder on the market. It gives great coverage, and there are so many shades so it is available to everyone. I also love how it feels really light on my face, and doesn’t look too heavy. 

– have a good day –


Lady Hunter xo

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