Sorry for the late blog post… this was supposed to be up yesterday however I was so so busy and just didn’t get round to it. 
I recently tried Smart Water for the first time, and have to say I was a bit surprised. It tasted quite sort of fake, although I do love the packaging so it was ideal for blog use. I thought I would do a post about water, and the importance of it in terms of beauty and lifestyle, which is what my blog is all about. 
Water is a primary transportation mode for all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients in the body.
Water helps to boost the metabolism and regulate the appetite

Drinking water is essential for being efficient and energetic.
Water hydrates the organism, as well as keeps our skin healthy looking and clean, this is why the beauty of our skin depends on drinking water

Your blood needs water to create new healthy cells, because your blood is more than 80% water. And actually, every cell of your body requires water to function properly (the brain cells are also included)
Water is the fluid that moves waste out of your system and helps to eliminate toxins

Pure water is the healthiest, the most natural and the most beneficial beverage in the world, it doesn’t have any side effects, nor any calories
Many people eat when they are actually only thirsty. If you drink plenty of water regularly – you can easily distinguish and separate those two different feelings: hunger and thirst.

– have a good day –

Lady Hunter xo
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