Some beautiful products to show you today. I have to admit, I am a very bad blogger in the respect that I read very few blogs and rarely ever watch youtube videos… hence not even knowing about Zoella and big youtubers until a couple of months into my blogging career. I have got a lot better recently, and have now got a small collection of blogs that I just love reading. This also means that I have never really been a victim of all the products that are put out there from all these stars. However, this changed last week when I saw these new Zoella products in Superdrug. I just wanted to get the body scrub, as I usually use one from The Body Shop that is quite expensive, so I was trying to find a cheaper alternative that I loved just as much – and I have! This body scrub is such good quality, makes my skin feel so hydrated and smells delicious. I also tried the body lotion and just loved it so much. It feels so refreshing on the skin, smells amazing and is so so pretty. Finally, I got the little lip balm as it is the perfect size for the handbag, and I love the bright pink colour. 
I am going to link a few of my favourite bloggers below, as well as all of the products from the amazing Zoella range. 

All Zoella products bought via Superdrug.

Here are the links to some of my favourite blogs:

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