When I planned this post it was sunny, hot and blissful, however when I am writing it today it is pouring with rain and just looks generally dull and depressing. Anyway, this is what was planned so I am going to go ahead and share with you my favourite things about summer. This July’s Elle magazine features Ellie Goulding and it contains lots of yellow, a happy colour, so I thought it was very relevant for this blog post. 

Less make-up: I absolutely love my make-up, although recently I have been wearing a lot less because it is sunny and warm so my skin is looking a lot healthier from all the vitamin D. Also, as it is so humid my face gets warm and make-up seems to melt probably going into pores, which is so so bad for your skin. 

Going from Gold to Silver: during the winter and autumn I love to wear more jewellery, usually gold, but in the summer silver seems so much more appropriate as it is lighter. It goes so much better with summer clothes and doesn’t look too much with an outfit. I also tend to wear much lighter nail colours and make-up tones. 

Skin care: I use different product when it’s hot to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out and that it is getting the correct nutrients from all products used. I use lighter products that are more hydrating for my skin. Cocoa butter is my favourite skin moisturiser, however it is very rich and heavy, so in the summer I try to find alternative hydrating gels. 

Flowers: I absolutely love having fresh flowers around the house and in my bedroom, however it makes much more sense to have them in the summer because they last so much longer. My favourites are with white lilies or baby pink peonies. 

Summer food: during the summer I always prefer what we have to eat. I am a massive BBQ fan, as well as light summer salads and summer puddings, my favourite being my legendary eton mess! For the recipe click here.

– happy summer! – 


Lady Hunter xo

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