This post is a little later than I had anticipated, however today I have been busy wondering around Toys ‘R’ Us for birthday presents and watching Minions! It was so funny, although it all seems to have taken up rather a lot of time. In case you’re wondering, I have had my little brother with me all day who turns 7 on Saturday – I’m not a complete strange person who does all that at my age on my own haha! Now I finally have time to come talk to you guys and I wanted to share this cool summer recipe that I came up with last week… Iced Smoothies. This is based on all the iced drinks you can get in Starbucks and Costa, however this is probably a lot healthier and maybe even yummier! 
Iced Strawberry and Watermelon Smoothies
Ingredients (2 Smoothies)

300g chopped strawberries // 2 chopped kiwi’s // 1/3 watermelon diced // 10ml orange juice // 10 ml water // 2 tsp strawberry flavouring // ice 

Start by making the juice blend for the coolers. Blend the strawberry and kiwi until runny. Then add the watermelon and blend again. Add the orange juice and water, as well as the strawberry flavouring. Once blended together, pour into a separate jug. There is no need to wash out the blender jug as it has all the flavour. 

The glass that you would like to serve the coolers in, fill them up about 3/4 full with the juice blend. Then top with ice. Blend this together until you have an icy drink. You will need quite a strong blender, which I realised when mine couldn’t handle the ice. For each drink blend them separately. 

Decorate with a single strawberry. Ta-dahhhhhhh – yummy!
Top Mango

– good night –
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