Today I wanted to start a mini series, about the basic products that seem to have been forgotten in this new era of designer skincare products, which has resulted in us thinking that we need them to obtain that flawless skin seen on the models in every magazine and newspaper. In my opinion, these products are the best for your skin, do a very good job and don’t come with the designer price label. The first I am going to start with is Johnson’s Baby Oil. I have used this for years, and it is still my go to product for soft nourished skin. When applied straight after a shower, the oil can be used all over your body and dabbed dry. This is such a quick and easy process, and doesn’t leave you with greasy skin, so you can get dressed and get out ready for the day. It feels so gentle on the skin, and is a miracle cure for dry spots. When out in the sun, perhaps when on holiday, baby oil is great to be used for after sun protection as it stops it from drying out. I absolutely love this product, and also love how it is so cheap! 

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