My third ‘back to basics’ post – featuring my favourite cocoa butter. I absolutely adore this moisturiser and nothing seems to work quite like it. I used to use it every single night before going to bed, and one day decided to try a new one after receiving a tester in a magazine. After about a week, I noticed such a difference in my skin, it seemed very dry and flaky. I started using Cocoa butter again and suddenly my skin was better within a few days! It is rich and hydrating, making your skin silky smooth. I also absolutely love the smell, and just now reminds me of sleep as I always use it before going to bed. My grandfather is also a massive fan of cocoa butter, however he uses the fragrance free one. I love how they can offer this to people who perhaps don’t want a fragranced moisturiser,  yet it still has all the perks of the original. I also use cocoa butter on the soles of my feet, and to be it does just as good a job as any specific foot cream. The packaging is simple, and fits nicely in my bottle tray. 

Via – Cocoa Butter

– happy weekend – 

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