So, if you missed my last ‘Back to Basics’ post, you will be unaware of this mini series that I have started. I am going to be doing five posts about my basic everyday essential products, that have been passed down through the generations. Take a look at the first post here. 
Today I wanted to share with you my most loved, and most versatile product – vaseline. I have had vaseline in my life since longer than I can remember, and use it as a health product and for beauty. It is now a big part in my everyday routine and I just think it is a classic product that can never be replaced by a brand with a designer label. In the morning, I use vaseline on my lips before applying make-up. This firstly primes the lips ready for the lipstick choice of the day, and helps reduce dryness. I also keep a small tub in my handbag, for when I feel top ups are necessary. At night time, once I have removed all my make-up and cleansed, I used vaseline on all the dry areas of my face. This includes my nose, under the eyes and lips, as well as my eyebrows and eyelashes. I use vaseline for this as I have found it really darkens the colour of my brows and lashes, as well as making them feel a lot healthier. I also use vaseline on dry spots after moisturising. I always find I get eczema on my shoulders, so vaseline really helps to solve this.  

– have a great week –

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