Checking in with you all today in this rainy and dreary weather. I am currently working my way through six weeks worth of summer work in one day, seeing as like many of you, I return to school tomorrow. I am going into my last year of sixth form, and as much as I am happy that it is so soon to being able to leave that horrible place, I am dreading tomorrow so unbelievably much. I just have to think that so many other people are in the same position as me, and make the most out of it, for example seeing friends and getting back into some sort of routine. I have loved so much having all the free time to spend with my family, and actually do things that I love, like blogging, without having to think of exams and work. Here are a few tips for the day before we return. 

Be organised – before going to bed tonight make sure that you are practically ready to go in the morning. This means bag done, clothes chosen and alarm set. I would also suggest going to bed half an hour earlier than you need to, as your body is completely out of routine and will take a lot longer to relax and fall asleep than usual. 

Take the opportunity to start again – this is a brand new year, and a new opportunity to start again. At the beginning of a new school year, I would usually sort out a skin care regime and morning routine to try and stick to throughout the year. For those of you starting sixth form, the only advice I can really give is to make sure that you don’t let your new social life take over. At the beginning of last year I barely did much work and had to rush it all at the end, just because I was more interested in the drama going on. Make sure you work consistenly as it will make exam term so much more bearable. 

Relax – it is the end of summer, and everyone is about to go into the longest and most tiring term of the year. So, I think this justifies you watching a film, or catching up on a box set with a hot chocolate, snuggled up in the warm. A well rested body should make the first day so much easier. 
– good luck –

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