About a year ago now I did a ‘What’s in my Handbag’ post – however I have now have gained a lot more followers and daily views, so I thought it was time to do an updated version. Especially when I have now got this gorgeous new Michael Kors bag to use for photos! I didn’t want to do the typical handbag post, where you see absolutely everything, because to be honest that would take too long and I think it would bore you. I am just going to share the essentials that I reach for every single day. 
The Basics – these are the things that nobody can live without. I’m talking purse, keys and PHONE. I went out without my phone a few weeks ago, and I have never felt so lost. I know how sad this sounds but I really really rely on it now. I like being in contact with people, I like being active on my blog social media accounts, and I also feel a lot safer because I know if I break down in the car or feel ill then I can ring someone to come and rescue me! Look how many bloody cards I own. I thought that my purse was starting to feel very bulky, and then I realised it was because of all of these! I have even managed to collect two more since taking these photos. How ridiculous is that collection? 
Health and Beauty – I love to have a little packet of tissues in my bag, and I find I use them a lot more than I anticipate. I also find that you regularly get people asking if you have one, because they clearly aren’t as organised as you by keeping some in their bag πŸ˜‰ As well as tissues, I also try to have hand sanitzer because of all the germs you collect on your hands throughout the day. I just think this is such as basic thing that would probably stop a lot of bad hygiene habits. 

Make-up and Girly things – I have little flower bag that travels with me in any handbag I use. In it I keep my hairbrush, a spare hair band, hand cream and my make-up of the day. My make-up of the day simply consists of my MAC powder, the lipstick I am wearing that day and concealer if I am having a bad spot day!

Headphones – I absolutely cannot live without them, especially for sixth form. Now I am driving, I don’t tend to use them as much whilst travelling, however if I am wondering around the shops I will put them in and just go into my own little shopping bubble! I mostly use them during the day when I am working. This is quite a controversial thing, as many say they can’t concentrate, but they have the opposite effect on me. I am able to zone out, not listen to any distractions, and completely focus on the task in hand. I love them so much, and couldn’t live without them. 
Watch – this technically isn’t in my handbag, but on my wrist. Since I got my first Olivia Burton watch for my birthday in March, I am now totally lost without it. I used to look at my phone for the time all the time, however now I find it so much easier to just look at a watch. I also feel that then you don’t have the distraction of messages and notifications that you get when looking at your phone. 
Let me know if you would like me to do a ‘School Bag’ version!
– have a great evening  –

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