I have been trying out lots of new and different products recently, including these goodies from Liz Earle. My grandmother had them, but decided she wasn’t going to use them, so obviously I willingly said I would try them out. There are three products including a toner, cleanser and beauty serum. If you have read any of my previous beauty posts (there are a lot), you will know that I adore my Lancome cleanser, however I was still excited to give this one ago. I absolutely love the packaging for all these products as it is so pretty, and also feels like they are very good quality. 
Toner – I don’t actually use a toner as I didn’t really understand what they were meant to do, and just used a micellar water to remove most make-up. I have used this several times and it seems really good for my skin. It is very gentle, doesn’t sting and has a gorgeous fragrance to it. Once I have removed my make-up with the micellar water, I then use a cotton wool pad and use the toner all over my face. It makes my skin feel so fresh, and seems to be evening out my skin tone. I also like how it isn’t at all greasy, dries quickly, and doesn’t seem to dry out my skin. 

Serum – this photo is actually in the wrong order, as I use this last. After removing make-up, toning, using the cleanser and moisturising, I then use a small amount of this serum on my face and neck. This doesn’t really seem like a beauty product, but more of something to relax you. You simply roll on, and get this lovely aroma. I love the smell before going to bed as it is incredibly soothing. 

Cleanser – I told myself that I needed to keep an open mind when using this, as I am incredibly biased towards my other cleanser. Although, it easily persuaded me. I was shocked at how thick the cleanse actually was, but I love it! It is more like a cream, that I used all over my face with a cotton wool pad. It was very good for sensitive skin, wasn’t greasy, and made my face feel so hydrated. The smell is absolutely divine, all I could smell was cocoa butter – one of my favourite beauty smells! With the cleanser I got a cloth, which I haven’t been using, however I think I need to give it a go! 

– have a good day – 

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