I have been writing this blog for nearly a year and a half, and am amazed to say that I haven’t done a post on my night time skin care routine! So I thought that it was about time to share with you exactly what I do before going to bed. This post is in collaboration with Katie, who is also sharing her night time skincare routine, which you can see here.
This has developed dramatically in that past few months as I have been trying out so many different products, purely for blog purposes. From the header image, you may be thinking ‘wow she uses a lot of products’, which is true, however it really doesn’t feel like it. Of course there are some nights that I do still reach for a cleansing wipe when I am unbelievably tired, although I try to stick to this routine as it so much better for your skin. All the products I use are for sensitive skin, as mine reacts so horribly to strong products, and I also try to use ones specifically designed for dry skin. 

The first job is to remove all my make-up. To do so I start by using my favourite Simple eye make-up remover, which is a cream based product. I use cotton wool pads, and gently rub the eyes until all the eye-make up is removed. Then I use my Nivea Micellar cleansing water, followed by my favourite Lancome cleanser. I started using this cleanser in February after getting my hands on it in Duty Free at Poland airport. I absolutely love it – it is so gentle and feels so refreshing on the skin. 

Once I have removed my make-up, I then wash my face with these two products. Firstly, I use a Clinique face scrub, which is an attempt to get rid of dry skin that keeps coming up on my face! It seems to be working, however I haven’t been using it long. All you have to do is make your face damp and scrub it on, especially in dry prone areas. It is then easily washed off with warm water. I then use the Simple face wash to make sure all make-up and scrub has been removed. I love doing this as it makes my face feel so soft and clean. 

I then use a moisturiser from The Body Shop, specifically designed to tackle that dry skin. I have the day cream and night cream. The day cream is very thick and rich, whereas the night cream is a bit lighter, which is really nice as you don’t want something heavy on before sleeping. It keeps my skin hydrated and feels so soft in the morning. I also use vaseline in dry areas, such as all around my nose and above my eyebrows. I also use vaseline on my eyebrows and eyelashes as it is meant to make them darker and healthier. 

Baby Oil. I wanted to include not just my face skin care routine, but also my body. Every night I shower, and use baby oil afterwards. When I shave I always use a rich moisturiser, although this takes quite a while to apply so I only do so about twice a week. Every other day, I rub baby oil everywhere and then dab dry with a towel. This keeps skin hydrated, and takes literally seconds. I also love the smell! 
I hope this was helpful, and don’t forget to go and check out Katie’s post, which you can find here.

– have a good day – 

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