Today I wanted to share with you my favourite drug store mascara’s, and as I was taking the pictures I suddenly realised how three out of four mascaras were from Rimmel London. Oh well, it is my favourite make-up brand. They all came in at under £10, and in my opinion they are all amazing. I have been trying each out for a few weeks, and definitely can no longer see the benefit in really expensive ones. 
Barry M Show Girl – I am loving using this mascara, and I seem to be reaching for it when I want to give some colour to my bottom lashes. I find that the brush is quite thin, so it isn’t really a top lash mascara, however it is very dark and doesn’t clump. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Jet Black – this has to be my favourite of the four! It has an amazing shaped brush that gives the lashes perfect coverage, and it doesn’t apply too much in one go. The colour is so so dark, and has been my everyday mascara for the past few months. It has also lasted ages, considering how much I have been using it. 
Volume Flash Scandal Eyes – This mascara is amazing if you want something that will make your lashes appear so much longer and more volumised. For me it was a bit too thick, as my lashes got quite stuck together, however for more of an evening look it is perfect. 

Scandal Eyes Xtreme – This used to be everyday mascara, purely because it gave my lashes an everyday natural look, that was defined. It lasted so long, and was such a good mascara for instant natural looking lashes. I also love the packaging, which is a bright pink colour that always made it very easy to find in my make-up bag. 

All Mascaras via and – Barry M Showgirl // Kate Moss from Rimmel // Volume Flash Scandal Eyes // Scandal Eyes Xtreme

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