Wow, my fourth ‘Back to Basics’ post – this time about bio oil. I love love love this product, it is a miracle worker. When going through my teens years I developed stretch marks all over my thighs, hips and the side of my chest. They used to really really distress me, and I use to get so angry about them when having to wear swim wear etc… I started using bio oil, and they eventually began to fade. In the past few months I have got out of the routine of using bio oil, and even though they have faded, I have developed more stretch marks and need to start using the product again! Not only does it actually work, it is also non-greasy and is so easy to apply twice a day. I love the subtle smell, and also how soft it makes my skin. I use the smallest bottle they sell, just because it is easier to store, however if I start using it on a regular basis I will probably need the big one! 

Bio Oil via, buy here. 

– i hope you’ve had a good weekend –

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