I have a gorgeous little recipe for you guys on this Autumnal Saturday morning. A couple of years ago I watched a programme about a British girl called Rachel Koo who made amazing food and served it at her studio flat in Paris. I was so charmed by watching her produce these amazing French dishes, and instantly had to pick up her book to have a go myself. Inside I found a delightful little recipe for these muffins, and have been loving them ever since. As I have been baking them for a while, I have slightly adapted the recipe to more of my own taste, and have made it slightly more simple. 
English Breakfast Muffins
Ingredients (2 Muffins): 

2 slices sliced white bread without crusts // knob of butter melted // ham // cheese // whole nutmeg // salt & pepper // 2 eggs
Pre-heat the grill. Start by lightly brushing one side of each white bread slice with butter so that it is covered. 
This to me is the hardest part, and I always land up needed more bread as the first ones always seem to tear. Tip: have more than two slices! In the middle of a cake tin, press the bread into two moulds as shown below. Sometimes it does tear a little but the when cooked it will all be okay. 
Time to add the fillings! Start with the ham, or if you would prefer a veggie option this can be replaced with mushroom or peppers. Then add the cheese. Lastly, crack an egg onto the top. Try and eave enough room for the egg as there is always more than you expect! Season and grate a tiny amount of nutmeg on the top. Bake for about 10-15 minutes, until the egg looks cooked. 
I always serve with a sliced avocado, seasoned with loads of pepper!
– happy Saturday –
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