Last week my grandparents spent the week on a cruise, and visited beautiful places such as Venice and Croatia. Seeing as I had to stay at home, they treated me to a new perfume from duty free. Apparently it is quite new, and my grandmother thought I would love to try it out. It is called Light Blue and is from Dolce and Gabbana. Firstly, it comes in a beautiful baby blue box made from a soft material, which I love because it is so different. 
The bottle is misty, and very simple. It has a gold ring around the top, and a baby blue lid. The perfume itself is so beautiful. It is sweet and fruity, perfect for a daytime perfume, as it doesn’t wash you out. It also lasts for hours, which is amazing as I have so many that literally stop smelling after about an hour!
So today is hopefully going to be busy, shooting some outfit pictures, baking some halloween cupcakes and clearing out various messy drawers in my room! 

Dolce and Gabbana via found here.

– have a great day –
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