I am a big fan of Missguided, and just love how I can get so many things that are in fashion, great quality and unbelievably great value for money. Therefore, can you imagine the sense of joy I got when I discovered that they have now started to offer nightwear. I absolutely love nightwear, and will willingly admit that I own way too much… especially seeing as I tend to stick to wearing the same thing over and over again! I seem to go through stages, where for about a week I will wear shorts, and then i’ll live in leggings and so on. The Missguided collection covers all these needs as they have a huge range of short co-ords, proper PJ’s and dressing gowns etc… I also noticed how their new collection features many ‘teddys’, which I called sleep playsuits, as well as night dresses, also something that I love. I own a few of these already, and loved them in the summer, as they were so comfy to sleep in, and so easy to wear in the morning and evenings. Obviously I had to try out some from the Missguided range, and chose this grey short set that says ‘selfie queen’. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am no stranger to the selfie thing, however you will also know that I love things all cute and girly. This pyjama set offered just that – with the pretty frill shorts and the simple heart detail on the front. I am a size 10, although when buying pyjamas I always by a 12. I do this because, firstly, they always seem to shrink overtime in the wash, and I can tell you now… there is nothing worse than an amazing pair of pyjama trousers that suddenly fall above the ankle. Secondly, at night time I put comfort first. To me, having pyjamas that are way too big is so comfortable and makes me feel so much happier when cuddling up in bed. 
I will link the full range below, as well as the specific set I am wearing for you all to go and have a good nose. I mean the set I bought was ยฃ15, and i’d say that was an absolute bargain. The quality is great, and they fit so well. 

Take a look at the full range here. You can also find the set I went for here.

– have a great day, and a great sleep in the PJ’s –