If you have seen any of my latest beauty posts, you will probably know that one thing that I couldn’t live without is my everyday foundation from Chanel. You are probably thinking, wow that is a bit extreme for something that is used everyday, however I pay £36 for one bottle, and that bottle usually lasts a good six months. I’d say that is pretty damn good for a foundation that is so perfect for my skin, and that I use so frequently. 
You are probably no stranger to Sarah Ashcroft, one of the hottest fashion bloggers in the UK. I love her and her blog, and I recently watched one of her Youtube videos that she filmed with Lydia Millen, also another blogger I love. They filmed a video about heroic beauty products, and Sarah mentioned a foundation from Bourjois that she swears by. I always love how flawless her make-up looks, and decided that I wanted to give it a go, especially seeing as it is only £9. I ordered it online, and it arrived last week. 
“The colour is perfect, it is easy to apply and it smells so nice. This foundation is perfect if you want a dewy look…”

OMG it is insane! The colour is a tiny bit darker than my Chanel, however with powder this is soon evened out. I absolutely love it – the colour is perfect, it is so easy to apply and it smells so so nice. This foundation is perfect if you want a more dewy look, as it gives a slight shine, especially on the cheek bones creating an instant highlight. It has great coverage, and seems to stay on all day. I am loving this so much, and now have two amazing foundations to go between for the day. 

I use the colour Vanilla, No 52. Find yours here via Boots.com. 

Sarah Ashcroft – That Pommie Girl
Lydia Millen – Lydia Elise Millen

– have a great week – 

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