As much as I love blogging, and love everything that comes with it, I am not very good when it comes to reading other blogs and making a connection with the bloggers of youtubers. This isn’t because I don’t admire their work, it is more a time thing. At the moment I spend most of my time working on my own blog, doing school work, or trying to do things that don’t involve being glued to my laptop screen. I feel like this is something that I really do need to improve on if I want to pursue my blogging career. 
“To me this blog is important – I can be as creative and random as I want. It is something just for me, and I am flattered if I even have one person who enjoys to read it”
Taking this into consideration, I have never been what many call a fan girl, so was never very interested in all the merchandise that comes with it. This changed when I visited my local Superdrug, and saw the latest Tanya Burr Collection. I have been loving make-up recently, and trying out so many new products and ways to apply make-up. So I thought I would try out some of the nail polishes and a lip gloss. I only got these purely because I already have so many eye products and face ones to try at the moment, and am trying to expand my lipgloss skills. Getting the perfect ombre lips seems to be proving a bit of a challenge. I got three nail polishes in the shades: little duck; penguin chick and bright & early. The lip gloss I want is called ‘i found nemo’. I absolutely adore it! The brush makes it so easy and quick to apply, the colour is bright and girly, and it is so shiny! Sometimes I find with drugstore lip glosses is that they often sting my lips, yet this one doesn’t. It is so gentle and smells amazing. The polishes are also very beautiful. They give great coverage and seem to last a while. 

You can take a look at the whole collection via here.

– have a good day –

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