I have something different that I wanted to do today. I usually post pictures of my latest favourite outfit, or recipe creation, however today I want to talk to you. Properly. In the past few months my blog seems to have developed and grown, and I couldn’t be more happy. This is something that I love to do, something that I enjoy and something just for me. I think even if I had no readers I would probably still be doing it because I have never been more motivated with anything in my life. When I look back at old posts, I see how much it has developed and how much I have changed as a person. The overall appearance seems to be so much better, and I seem to have grown with it. The blog is now a major part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine living without it. It is my little baby.
I have had quite a few people asking me recently why I blog, and also what motivates me to keep going. I thought I would put this into it’s own post because there is so much I can say about it, and there is so much I want to share. I am going to try and split this up into points to make it a bit easier for everyone reading! 
“Blogging makes me happy. I enjoy every aspect”
I started this blog initially because I wanted to do something for me. I was in my GCSE year, and I was growing so so tired of revision and all the topics I was studying. I have been interested in fashion since I was a child, so it was going to be somewhere that I could share my style and a distraction from everything else going on in my life. When coming up with ideas I knew that it could be so much more, and so I decided that I would be able to do recipes, fitness tips, etc… so then it would then be categorised as a fashion and lifestyle blog. When I started I had absolutely no idea that this whole blogging world even existed, and had never actually been a reader of blogs myself. Therefore, I had absolutely no idea of what I was getting myself into, and the amazing things that would come from it. That is one thing that I love so much, you never know what will happen next. One day I will get a sweet comment from an Instagram follower who likes your picture, then I will get an email from a company asking me to feature their products. Both give me a great sense of joy, and are definitely part of my motivation to carry on. 

About six months into my blogging career I was contacted by a company called Anchor and Crew. They sell beautiful hand designed jewellery in the UK, and they sent me a bracelet to review. This was the first time I officially worked with a company as a blogger, and I have to say it was such an amazing experience. I felt so honoured to have been chosen, and was so proud to be wearing this beautiful bracelet. It was at that moment that I really knew that this is what I loved to do. I am very business minded, and enjoy everything about it… even the boring financial figures you have to deal with! I love working with companies, and I also love working with other bloggers. Collaborations are an amazing thing in the blogging industry, as it makes you feel a part of this big community, and is very beneficial for your blog in terms of followers etc… I have spoken with so many bloggers in the past year and a half, and can say that I have made some genuinely amazing friends. Blogging is a very independent thing, and maybe it can be a bit lonely when you are constantly typing away at your computer – collaborations help with this as it feels like someone is there supporting you with your work. Subsequently, this motivates me to carry on because I can’t wait for the next company or blogger that I will work with – you never know what you will receive in your inbox the next day.
“I feel a part of this big, amazing community, where we all support one another and work together to create beautiful work…” 
This can all also be emphasised by social media. Without social media I doubt that many blogs would be able to succeed, as readers want to have a 24/7 relationship with their favourite bloggers, and want to know as much about them as possible. Social media is also the key to being seen my companies and other bloggers, which obviously is great. I love social media because I feel like I have a much more personal relationship with my readers. If someone comments, I can then see all about them which often helps me a lot with blog ideas, as I know exactly what the readers want to see. A message from someone saying they like my blog honestly makes me feel like the happiest girl alive, and inspires me to keep going. 
I’m not going to lie to you, there are times when I think to myself, how much more spare time would I have if I didn’t blog? The thought of not being a blogger makes me feel really strange, and then I just think of all those people who have said that they love my work, I would feel like I had given up on them! Blogging is something that you have to be patient with. I am not a massive blogger, I am not particularly well known, but I do have a small audience that are so so important to me, and I would’t change that for the world. 
A hobby. 
There are very few people I know who can tell me that they have a hobby that they’ve been doing for years and still enjoy it. I was one of those people. As a child I went through phases where maybe I would be going to horse riding lessons, or dance lessons, but none of them were really my thing, nothing ever really excited me. It took me until I was 16 to find a hobby that I genuinely enjoyed, and that I did for myself. That is my blog. As I am in my final year of A-levels, everyone has been talking about how to make yourself look good for universities and on you CV. Apparently my blog looks good, and I could even do an extra curricular activity on it where I would have to write essays about it.  As the teacher said this to me I instantly thought to myself, why would I want to make the one thing I do for me into something that I am obliged to do? That is the beauty of a blog, you have so much control over it. If you are feeling tired or unmotivated, it doesn’t matter if you don’t update for a while because very few people expect you too. You are not being marked for your work, and you never have anyone telling you how to improve it. It is yours, and only yours. 
“You have complete control, you never have to do anything you don’t want to do…”
I can present myself to you guys as anything I want. I may be the most shy person in the world, but you wouldn’t know because I still manage to smile in pictures and open up to you about things going on in my life. I’m not, but just as an example πŸ˜‰ In all seriousness though, some days I can get really sad and low just like everybody else, but you guys would never know because I posted a selfie of me forcing a smile. I can make myself appear completely in control, and the happiest person alive. The truth is that you will never know what lies behind that smile or the picture, you may never know the deeper meaning to what it is I am trying to say to you. It is strange but I love this. If I make myself appear to be like something, the majority of the time I genuinely start to feel like it. 
A bit of advice to those looking for something new to focus on… to me my blog has been the best thing I have ever decided to do, and it could be for you. There are so so many people doing the same thing, and trying to appeal to the same audience – but so what? This is something that needs to be done for the right reasons: it has to be for you. If you think that you will suddenly gain 100,000 Instagram followers overnight and you just want to be famous then this isn’t going to be blogging for the right reasons. You have to stay true to yourself, and you have to be motivated by others supporting you on your little blogging journey. My advice is to go for it… you never know what will happen…!
– happy Thursday –
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